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Joe Kulka Children's Book Illustrator Author Wolf's Coming!PCAD Pennslyvania College of Art and Design PBAA Picture Book Artists Association GAG Graphic Artist's Guild Wolf's Coming! Vacation's Over! Return of the Dinosaurs The Rope The Story of Smokey Bear Big Book Woodsy Owl Gingerbread Man Superhero My Crocodile Does Not Bite picturebook picture book kids book kid's book storybook story book reader South Carolina picturebook award Moonbeam award ReadKiddoRead Charlotte Award Golden Archer Award Young Hoosier Award School Library Journal Best Book Storytelling Award Joe Kulka email School viists author illustrator presentation speaking visit schools principal Wolf's Coming Dinosaurs T Rex Raptor Allosaurus Brook Trout Macaroon Gingerbread Man Smokey Bear Woodsy Owl USDA Forest Service Dinosaurs Wolf's Comning The Rope Vacation's Over Vacation's Over Return of the Dinosaurs T Rex Raptor Stegosaurus Carnosaurus dessert dining Gingerbread Man superhero gingerbreadman ginger bread man super hero bakery macaroon brownies Pa The Rope cornfield Ma Junior Smokey the Bear Smokey Bear Woodsy Owl Woodsy the Owl allosaurus ghost ghost hunters ghosthunters funke macaroon crazed brownies hostage Sherlock Holmes Santa Penguin Talent Night juggling one man band cowboy horse lasso dreams pirate moon spyglass Christmas Xmas list fire Woodsy Owl animal tracks caribou reindeer bob cat bobcat lynx horned owl nacurutu highlights magazine highlights high five washing machine Granny Gert Bunion Brothers Just Five More minutes cards boys hector rooster Princess Lolly Brook trout bull dog bulldog Tex and Indi Cow cat raining luna moth Humpty Dumpty rich pig poor bear monacle spats ascot sketchbook Joe Kulka pencil fairytales pie bears cubs tough rooster construction worker dog dragon dragons gorilla concept art apple house cats stretching raptor utah raptor velicaraptor